Daughters, Polly Plummer & Little Moments

We’ve been reading through the Chronicles of Narnia and having finished “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” we are now reading “The Magician’s Nephew”. This book is a prequil and tells the tale of the adventures of Digory and Polly.

In this day and age of ipads and Netflix it is so satisfying to see the wonder in the children’s eyes as they take in the simplicity of sitting and listening to a book read aloud. Forming their own visual pictures and letting their imaginations run wild. Drinking it all in. Every time a chapter ends – begging to read on. My oldest son and daughter also enthusiastically act out the chapters they’ve just read. She is Polly, he is Digory, I’m – Uncle Andrew and our newborn boy is the Guinea Pig. I’m simply amazed at their propensity to soak in the smallest details and retell them as they act it out…details that I forgotten about even though I had just narrated it. 

There was one particular part in tonight’s reading that was somewhat scary as Polly was tricked into touching the magic ring and disappeared to a world unknown. The chapter abruptly ends, a real cliffhanger. Afterwards, during the acting out of these events,  we needed to create little green and yellow rings as props. When the part came for my daughter to touch the yellow ring, she began to sob because she just couldn’t muster the courage to touch them. My sweet little blonde girl. Big tears. Bigger heart. She genuinely was afraid she just might disappear to another world herself. We tried to reassure her but she wouldn’t be budged. She refused to touch the ring. At some level this was real to her.

I genuinely look forward to the day she grows into maturity, but I’ll always treasure that moment as long as I live. Thank you Lord for little children.

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