“Our” White Churches

Calling all people of all tribes, tongues and nations – blacks, whites and everyone else.

Are you obligated to marry someone of a different skin color? No! Great news, it’s totally up to you!  Do you generally feel more at ease kicking back with those of your own culture? Ok. Cool. Go for it. Knock yourself out. When it comes to marriage, do you have physical preferences that attract you to people that look a certain way? Splendid. You do you.  Should you be cautious in yoking yourself to someone who still retains sinful beliefs and practices tied to their cultural legacy (whatever that legacy is)?  Sure. Wise advice. Can we warn others about tendencies within certain cultures or communities to be wary of? Yup. Beware of the skeletons in the closet of the culture you are used to, but also beware of lying, lazy, evil Cretans. But here’s the kicker: Can we call for individual churches to segregate themselves along ethnic lines as a positive good? Aww hell no.

Let’s be abundantly clear about one thing over which there can be absolutely no latitude for disagreement in a faithful church community: In the New Testament, faithful church communities did not allow personal cultural preferences to justify advocating for the segregation of Christian civilization along ethnic lines. This includes treating the church as if there should be a category of “our jewish church” or “our white church” as a positive good. Whether the call to segregate the church is based on skin color, nationalism, genetics or whatever – it’s a non starter. It was wrong in the early days of those advocating jew/greek segregation, it was wrong during American chattel slavery, it was wrong during Jim Crow and it is wrong now. Pointing this out is not “cultural marxism” or “communism”. This is Gospel 101. Apparently in the year of our Lord, almost 2019 this still needs to be said

To bring this home for you, we actually have supposed leaders in the Christian community regularly touting this kind of divisive anti-biblical rhetoric on a neo-nazi podcast. Lest you think otherwise, this is not a one time visit to a podcast where the neo-nazi podcast host is being rebuked, refuted and opposed – to the contrary the host is being supported, enabled and agreed with at every turn. Not a single rebuke is given. Then on top of this, we have Christians who consider themselves to be reformed Christians defending this man, advertising him and giving him a public teaching platform.

The person of whom I speak is a man named Peter Hammond who is also a recent speaker at a Christian Conference called MARS (Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society) and as of this moment is still a featured teacher on Ligonier Ministry’s website. Ligonier is a wonderful organization and unlike those at the MARS conference they may well not be aware of this man’s rhetoric. MARS has no excuse. They have been repeatedly warned about Hammond from many quarters. They remain obstinate in their determination to continue promoting this false teacher.  As a Christian Reconstructionist myself, it gives me great pain to report this among those at MARS who would claim the label of “reconstructionists” themselves. In light of their conduct I no longer believe Christian Reconstruction (a wonderful aim) is their fundamental commitment.

Here are a few examples of Hammond’s rhetoric on the internet neo-Nazi podcast of Jan Lamprecht called “History Reviewed” of which Hammond is a recurring guest. On this episode a couple of weeks ago, Hammond talks about genetics, the white race and his laments over interracial marriage. Beware this website and podcast episode as you will see swastikas, lots of promotion of Adolf Hitler, historical revisionism and racist cartoons poking fun at Jews. Ya know, the yuge. Direct quote from Hammond, emphasis mine:

“Let’s face it, genetically we are like links on a chain and we are only as strong as the weakest link on the chain. In our generation we’ve seen something take place that hasn’t take place in our race forever. That is our people have turned away from marrying people of their own race, producing children of their own race. They’ve even gone for adopting a dog, adopting black kids, sterilizations, abortions or even homosexuality. Whatever it is. But they are not producing enough children to replace themselves and multiply. At the same time they are paying taxes for welfare to subsidize people who don’t have the same work ethic and the same respect for life and property to take over our suburbs our schools and everything and to destroy our monuments and our museums and to change the street names and the rest of it and to attack our children and our relatives.”

Lovely. Hammond laments race-mixing through interracial marriage as disturbing to the order of what he really values (as we will see). And that is his obsession with white civilization remaining segregated from the civilization of other skin colors in the various institutions.  In order to establish this aim, Hammond discusses the alleged inherent nobility of the white race and how noble and unselfish whites are as a race as justification for his next point:

“We have produced the freest most productive, hardworking, diligent, law-abiding societies in history. It is from the white Anglo-Saxon protestant nations from the Scandinavians and the Germans and from the Dutch and from the British and their ancestors and those who went to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia and Canada that have produced the highest levels of civilization and art ever seen. And it’s our people who have been the most concerned to save the dolphins, save the whales, to save the seals to save the penguins to end slavery to uplift poor peoples to dig wells out in the mountains. Honestly our people are the only people on the planet who are concerned for everybody and everything and who in fact are probably the least self-conscious and the most self-critical nation or people or race in the world.

Then on this basis, Hammond goes on to explain how white’s need to repel the alleged invasion of foreigners from infiltrating “our” churches. These vandals intent on causing whites to commit “demographic suicide” through “breeding us out” via interracial marriage.

“Confuse, divide and conquer. Disrupt and conquer. Psychological warfare to get us to commit demographic suicide. To get economic suicide – and to be allowing our nations to be swamped with invasions of foreigners who plan to replace us and basically destroy our heritage, vandalize our cemeteries, vandalize and take over everything from our churches our museums our monuments, street names, everything. And they want to, bluntly, sodomize our sons, rape our daughters, they’re wanting to breed us out and they’re wanting to exterminate our race.”

There may be local churches composed mainly or entirely of white or black individuals, jews or greeks. But there is no “our” white churches or “our” black churches to speak of. There is no “our” jewish churches or “our” greek churches. The church belongs to Jesus CHRIST who has torn down any division between jew and greek.

Faithful New Testament churches were not opposed to racial integration in the synagogues nor did they see racial integration as a threat to the church or to ethnic heritage as Peter Hammond does. The threat to the gospel was from those seeking to segregate the churches along racial lines. Those who espouse this rhetoric (especially those who do so publicly) need to be confronted as Peter was by Paul. Should they not repent they should be unceremoniously tossed out on their rear – not coddled and promoted within the church. First for the good of the body, and secondly so that they might be brought to repentance!

Personal preferences aside, whether you are calling for segregation of jews & greeks or blacks & whites, this sort of inherently divisive rhetoric needs to be unambiguously rejected as an affront to the Gospel which mandates the church of Jesus Christ remain open and welcoming to to all ethnic backgrounds into the local churches. When it comes to Hammond’s rhetoric, what I’ve listed here is only the tip of the iceberg.

The answer to ethnic bigotry and division in the world isn’t perpetual division among local churches along ethnic lines, it is repentance. God has not limited marriage to exclusively observe and maintain the “color boundary”. Keep your preferences, sure. Retain your heritage if it is biblical. Celebrate and be patriotic to your country to the extent it honors God. But do not seek to cause division in the churches by teaching falsely about what God requires and do not enable those who spread this garbage.

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