A Short Open Letter to Christians in “Good” Churches

Dear American church:

I love you. Love you enough to shoot you straight. Sorry this will hurt. There is plenty you do well. But that’s not why I’m writing this letter. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, deceitful the kisses of an enemy.” Things need to change.

(Insert Paul Washer, “I don’t know why you’re clapping I’m talking about your church”.)

I may be a pipe-hitting postmillennialist but it doesn’t prevent me from saying that the current state we are in is really quite sad. This shouldn’t exactly be a prophetic revelation to us.

We are like a morbidly obese person where everyone around us acts as enablers so that we blame everyone but ourselves for the predicament we are in.

We are self enslaved, self deluded, self exiled and self assured that we must stick to the course that brought us here in the first place.

It’s all we know, it’s comfortable and if anyone tries to tell us it’s wrong, well they’d better watch out. They must be some extremist health nut.

But this isn’t about weight. It’s about our whole modus operandi.

As Christians, so much of our “churchian” environment is shaped in such away that we forget the reality of the problem here in America.

And that is:

***The morally degraded state of affairs in America and the marginalization of Christianity is EXACTLY what you would expect given much of the theology, organization and practice of her churches.***

Now we can pretend it isn’t the case. We can sing kum-bah-yah. We can complain about it. We can obfuscate. We can kick the can down the road for our children and grandchildren to fight an enemy that gets stronger and stronger the longer we stay on this course. We can pray the Lord to teleport us away from our troubles. We can even tell ourselves that a few minor, painless changes will do the trick. Or we can face facts, take a hard look inward, repent and respond accordingly.

It ain’t easy but it really is that simple. As they say, the first step is acceptance. Our enablers will want us to ignore everything about this.

Can we or can we not accept that something big needs to change immediately? If not, there’s no use in me or anyone else wasting our breath trying to convince ourselves of what those things are.

Again, sorry that hurt. I am for you.


Your friend


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